Lasairiona Raske

Lasairiona Raske has been playing Eve Online since 2007. Her main pursuits, in game, include roleplaying and recruitment for various corporations. Outside of Eve, she is a published author, who is also involved in theatre.

Caroline Grace

Caroline Grace is a noted capsuleer space photographer Caroline Grace is seen as one of the late YC116 Gallentean photojournalists, and is known for discovery of Caroline's Star. She's often energetic and cheerful, but also stubborn and passionate when not pleased.

Liara Enith

Liara Enith has been playing eve in various forms since late 2009 and in that time has touched on most aspects of the game. At the moment she resides in Immortalis Inc., Shadow Cartel's executor corporation and dedicates most of her time to making other ships explode. Previously she has been involved in the Eve Roleplaying community and has tried her hand at writing fiction once or twice.

Vincent Pryce

Vincent Pryce has been a part of EVE Online since 2007 and has accumulated experience in most fields of EVE, from spaceship violence to diplomacy and corporate leadership. He's also dabbled in creative writing and has been an active member of the RP community of EVE in the past. He is most known for inciting the Battle of Asakai, one of the most expensive engagements in EVE Online's history to date.

Xepharious Wryn

Author of the online serial novel Sunswept as well as several smaller works of EvE fiction, Xeph is also a recuriter for ALXVP who enjoys colaborating with other writers and knockin' drinks with EvE folks out of game. Xepharious has been a member of the EvE RP community since 2014. He is excited to be helping to host the ATYH competition!


Best known for his work Good Training within the HFY genre, ctwelve's style features  heavy themes of camaraderie, realism, and the effects of consequences (intended or not). He has also proudly served in combat.


Blackknight64 is one of the crotchety moderators of reddit's /hfy community. A dabbling writer, his stories tend to focus on the human element. A former soldier and law enforcement officer, he tends to focus on those themes. Write what you know, after all.


HaplessOperator hangs out with ctwelve and Blackknight64 a lot, pesters people for writing --bad-- science fiction, and used to write and consult for SCP Foundation community. Hapless is a former Marine infantryman and REALLY loved nerding out military science fiction these days.

Zahe Sharpfang

Zahe has played EvE on and off since 2005 and enjoys writing short stories for various writers' contests outside of New Eden.