First off, THANK YOU!

We can't make this happen without your help and support. If you have any questions , comments, concerns, or suggestions please let Literia or Xepharious know!

How do I Judge?

Each judge will be assigned to 1-2 categories. You should check the list below (or in the Judges page) to see which categories you will be judging. There wasn't a lot of rhyme or reason though we did try for a decent mix of Judge background for each category without overloading a Judge.

You may start judging a piece as soon as it is linked in the Entries page but ALL JUDGING MUST BE COMPLETE BY FEB 13 please. Please send your scores to Aika Paramour via evemail or to


Please chose your 1st place, 2nd place, and 3rd place submissions from each category for which you are responsible.

1st Place: 30 Points

2nd Place: 20 Points

3rd Place: 10 Points



Liara Enith

Vincent Pryce

Xepharious Wryn



Carolina Grace

Lasairiona Raske

Xepharious Wyrn


Short Story:

Lasairiona Raske

Zahe Sharpfang


Background for EvE:

For those of you who've had little exposure to the EvE world, here is a quick rundown of the basics:

Somewhere lost in the vast history of New Eden is the tale of how humanity took an ultimate leap through the EvE gate, a portal that would propel them to another galaxy and begin one of the greatest stories of our time. Over millennia, civilization in New Eden has taken many forms, eventually coalescing into the rise of the four primary empires; Amarr, Gallente, Caldari, and Minmatar. At the dawning of the Empyrean age cloning technology matured and along with advancements in neuro-technical science, gave rise to a whole new type of human; the capsuleer. With the right genetic compatibility, a person could be cloned into a body which could interface directly with a starship and become virtually immortal. When a capsuleer was killed, their consciousness would be violently ripped from the present clone and instantly sent to another clone.

Each empire and every faction in between began the greatest arms race the galaxy had seen; capsuleers were courted as near-gods and anyone with the right genetic makeup was tested and recruited with fervor. In time the capsuleers themselves found that their power exceeded even the great empires themselves, banding together to form their own vast empires on the edge of known space. CONCORD, empowered to preserve the peace from a time before even the first capsuleers, found that they had little jurisdiction within those outer reaches and so accepted the task of preventing at least known criminals from returning to the higher security central systems where the original four empires still held sovereignty. Unable to prevent them, great wars raged between the null-security alliances and empires and continue even to this day.

Back within high-security space (or high-sec) even the four empires of Gallente, Minmatar, Caldari, and Amarr were finding ways to get around CONCORDs strict rules. Border skirmishes in less secure space mixed with an ever increasing level of pirate activity threatening to break even these regions into large scale war.

Upwell, hailed as the greatest up and coming company, recently released a new line of capsuleer-built structures. These floating cities and industrial centers now fill every major system and have allowed capsuleers to tame even the most remote and dangerous areas of space. Meanwhile, following the assassination of Jamyl, late Empress of the Amarr Empire, Drifters; mysterious and commanding great power and technology beyond even the mightiest of capsuleers, have been discovered in massive numbers within wormhole space pockets. Heroic groups of capsuleers have lately banded together to seek out and destroy these powerful menaces.