Contest Rules:

1. Must be new unpublished pieces of work.

2. Entries must be received before 00:00 EvE server time, February 1st, YC119 (2017)

3. Other than the Short Stories category, submissions can be up to 3000 words

4. Swearing can be added in but for the romance stuff keep it PG-13 (at discretion of judges and hosts) - Addenddum: explicit language, sensuality, and sexual inuentos, reference, or actions described through euphamism or illusory language are ok. Really we are just trying to avoid outright erotica here folks.

5. Entries must be in English (you may ask a firend to edit, this is advised if English is not your primary language)

6. All work must be submitted by its creator, plagiarism will be dealt with harshly

7. Each piece may only be entered in one category

8. You can submit up to two pieces in two separate categories

9. Works that are abusive or harmful to any real life person will be not allowed (works may be negative toward fictional charaqcters but strictly with their permission)

10. No minimum word count

11. Anything in EvE can be your inspiration



Pieces should be no more than 3000 words. Find something hilarious that with at least a hint of romance of involving love of some kind. It can be about ANYTHING that happens with Eve, be creative but remember to keep it PG-13.


Pieces should be no more than 3000 words and can be about anything with connotations of love or romance within EvE. Again, this is open to interpretation but must be PG-13.

Short Story:

Submissions for this category have a hard limit of 1500 words or under and can be about anything eve related.


ATYH features judges from within the EvE universe as well as a few who've had minimal to no experience with EvE. While entries should be EvE related, we encourage writers to strive for cohesive stories and good writing without relying too heavily on game mechanics.

Judges will be distributed between the three categories as follows:


Liara Enith

Vincent Pryce

Xepharious Wryn



Carolina Grace

Lasairiona Raske

Xepharious Wryn


Short Story:

Lasairiona Raske

Zahe Sharpfang


Judges will assign a score to each piece and the scores will be averaged to find the winner in each category as well as one grand prize winner. Judges are encouraged to abstain from scoring pieces submitted by a friend or corp-mate.

How to Submit:

Please EvEmail a link to your submission(s) to Aika Paramour via EvEmail no later than 23:59 EvE server time, on January 31, 2017.

You may post your submission on any website, blog, or forum that is accessable to anyone. If a judge can't get to it it may not be scored.