“Damn that’s a lot of player fiction and world-building to read… just give me the basics!”


In YC116 a few hundred colonists got fed up with the status quo within the four empires of New Eden and decided to move into their very own Anoikis system, accessible only by randomized wormholes. They founded the Origin Colonial Authority to govern themselves and created the Alexylva Paradox corporation to protect themselves. Here are a few tenants of life in Origin:

  • All beings in Origin are sentient and deserving of equal rights and protection. This includes sentient AI. The colonists of Origin even placed a massive super-AI as the figurehead of their governing hive-mind of Coordinators. The Sentient Equalibrium is tasked with protecting and maintaining the freedom and opportunity of all sentient life and will often play advocate to the minority party in any discussion of rights and laws. Ideals, customs, and even fashions in Origin are very liberal. Nudity holds no taboo and concepts of gender and sexuality tend to be very fluid.  
  • Origin scientists have greatly advanced the art and science of cloning such that any human over the age of 13-14 and any digital sapient (AI in a biological body) can be scanned to have their consciousness ‘backed up’ in Origin’s massive data fortresses. This allows anyone who had been previously backed up to be ‘re-lifed’ should their body be destroyed. The rate at which one is re-lifed depends largely on any queue for the cloning facilities and the availability of suspended state biomass.  
  • Along with enhanced cloning science, a very few colonists have chosen to experiment with the process of multipling whereby they have spread their consciousness between multiple, independently functioning clones. These clones function more or less as a hive mind where they collectively represent a single sentient being. Multipling is not without serious risk and with the possibility of each clone looking different from the others such cases are often very confusing for all involved.