Origin was originally colonized by Far Eastern WH, an exploratory corporation that occupied the system and placed slave colonies on the surface of all nine of the planetary bodies in system. The system was held with the aid of the Amarr Militia, who maintained a capital presence in the system in the form of a Revelation Dreadnaught. Far Eastern WH was evicted in July YC115 by Anomalous Existence, Alexylva Paradox, and Re-Awakened Technologies.

Alexylva Paradox would go on to lay claim to the system and liberate the colonies. In December of YC115, the Alexylva Paradox would found its own permanent colony in Origin, and state their desire to form a lasting civilisation within the system. The Government of Origin was created not long thereafter, and over the years the people of Origin have flourished into a large and diverse culture.

In October of YC118 Origin faced its greatest threat to date when an unprovoked invasion threatend to seige and destroy the system, including the newly renovated Indigo City station. Through the tenacity and bravery of Alexylva Paradox and their allies the invasion was repelled with minimal losses to the defensing fleet. The Origin Colonial Authority emerged from the carnage with renewed purpose and deturmination to see that Origin is never so endangered again.